At Annabelles you will have a memorable dining experience with stunning views of St Heliers Bay and Rangitoto Island.


Owner and maître d' Susan creates exquisite, European style dishes with an emphasis on fresh sea food and exotic flavours.








Winner of NZ Beef & Lamb Awards  2006-2018


Annabelle's is open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



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Annabelles Celebrates 15 Years!


Verve Magazine, October 2013:

"It seems unbelievable, but Annabelles has been open for 15 years already! I would like to thank the local community and all my wonderful customers for their continued support over the years. Without you, Annabelles would never have been able to carry on for so long!


By way of thanks I have always tried to give back to the community by supporting local schools, kindergartens, sports teams and events in any way that I can.


Annabelles has always been a family business . . . "

Annabelles' Intriguing History


Bay to Bay Magazine, August 2011:

"The popular waterfront eatery, Annabelles, has a remarkable back-story. Coffee with charasmatic proprietor Susan Cho, revealed that folk partaking in Annabelle's famous Seafood Chowder, can thank mystical poet Edgar Allen Poe for their heaerty lunch or dinner. As a schoolgirl in Korea, Susan fell in love with Poe's work . . . "

Restaurant With a View


Bay to Bay Magazine, October 2010:

"Annabelles Restaurant has long been a dinign favourite and was the winner of the 2006-2011 NZ Beef & Lamb Hallmark of Excellence Awards. With fabulous views to Rangitoto, excellent food, decadent wine and a warm and friendly atmosphere it is the perfect place for small or large groups, birthdays and other celebrations or a romantic dinner for two. . . '

Business on Menu


Newspaper, December 2010:

"Perhaps one of my most successful meetings of the past couple of months was at Annabelles, St Heliers Bay where I met with a South Island executive. Good weather and a high tide enhanced our focus rather than detracted from it . . . "

Belle of the Bay


New Zealand Herald, September 2010:

"The unpromising shopfront gives ways to a classy modernist interior with a feautre ceiling of bent ply waves and some nice stacked-stone walls that refernce the seafront location. Several of the interesting small paintings on the wall are the work of the same man. It's a rather nice room - well, a couple of rooms actually - with strategically placed dividers that create an inviting sense of intimacy . . . "

Dine out in St Heliers


Panache Magazine, September 2009:

"Susan Cho has owned Annabelles since 1998 and she knows the local patrons very well. Susan puts a strong emphasis on seasonal dining, changing the menu and the wine list regularly to keep the choices fresh and appetizing. Whitebait has just come on the menu for spring and the extremely popular wine-tasting events have just finished for the winter - but they'll be back on for next year . . . "

Annabelles Restaurant on the Bay - At cuisine's cutting edge


Sensational St Heliers:

"Annabelles Restaurant on the St Heliers Bay waterfront has long been a dining favourite. WIth its grandstand views, stunning decor and welcoming atmosphere, Annabelles offers a dining experience not to be missed . . . "

Annabelles - Worth the Fuss


The Bays Magazine, May 2007:

"Susan knows her clinetelle well and works hard to please them. She believes that by consistently offering top quality food, an excellent choice of drink, and a comfortable welcome atmosphere, her patrons will return again and again. Susan is a perfectionist, and says that in her restaurant everything counts, even the tiniest aspect. Guest numbers continue to grow, proof that her attention to detail works . . . "

Simply the Best


Sensational St Heliers:

"In the nine years she has owned Annabelles restaurant in St Heliers Bay, Susan Cho has worked tirelessly in every role from chef (in early days) through to waiting and front of house . . . "

Eclectic Mix at Annabelles Restaurant


Entre Nous, October 2006:

"The overwhelming sense of hospitality at Annabelles never fails to leave me with a sense of being appreciated. It it no use trying to sneak in unnoticed, owner Susan Cho, is quick to spot patrons who have been there more than twice and I must confess, I just cannot keep away from this cosy St Heliers venue . . . "

Creative Streak Blooms in Many Ways


Entre Nous, October 2005:

"Korean-born Susan Cho is a woman of fortitude and vision. Most people see only her public face - that of smiling owner and host at Annabelles Restaurant in St Heliers Bay. Others have witnessed her determination to make a new life in New Zealand despite obstacles . . . "